Using Our Children In War

An old friend of mine was a boy in Köln when Nazis ruled Germany. His mother escorted him to church one day and stood by until she was certain that it had been recorded in the parish records that he was a Catholic. She hoped the paper trail would lead any inquisitions away from his […]

Charlie Daniels—Martyr to Music

The first time I interviewed Charlie Daniels was my first gig as an interviewer. I found him behind the stage sipping whiskey and smoking in a trailer at an outdoor festival from Hell outside Rockingham, North Carolina. Rain fell hard and arcs of electricity popped off a guitar during the set of the aptly-named Wet […]

Immigrants Appreciation Day

You know First Lady Melania was an immigrant not long ago, right? I bet some of your favorite people are immigrants. Some of mine are. It is as much a certainty that many of your vegetables and fruit come to you from the hands of immigrants as anything else. Last night I swear I ate […]