The Sensation of Falling

When I met one of my mentors, Gunter Heyden, he had earned millions selling his publishing empire. I thought to myself, “If I can work with him closely, I will learn much about business.” Like Jacob for Rachel, I worked with Gunter for seven years, my last two years in close quarters—and when I left […]

For the Love of God

Dear White Brothers and Sisters: Look at Ahmaud with his mom, Wanda—the young man full of life—the young woman full of mother love. It took me awhile to watch the video. Have you seen it? Ahmaud desperately trying to get away after the gun went off, running to get back to that place only a […]

The Big Door Prize

Friend and poet Melanie Britton knows John Prine better than me and you do. She’s been posting John Prine material on FB ever since I’ve known her. Melanie had plans to see Prine in Wilkesboro next week but, as most of you know, coronavirus took him out April 7th. About all I knew of Prine […]