The Fabbest Beatle Encounter Ever

I was 10 and acting busy wiping down my new 20 gauge shotgun in the living room of our home in Cayce, SC when the Beatles made their historic appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. I had pulled the gun down from the rack purely as a diversion. I didn’t want my dad to see I was […]

A Strange Blue

When I heard you were killed 100 days in—there came a strange new blue over me, Frank. Took awhile to get my head around it. I know—I can hear you laughing, “Why you being sappy, Coop?” No way i could tell you what you meant to me in high school, Frank. You were the first […]

Every Gate is of One Pearl

The last time we spoke Earl casually referred to a health issue. I had no idea until later that it was a serious illness. We had talked over a period of a year about ghostwriting and publishing the story of his full and remarkable life. Averse to the idea at first—his personality naturally opposed to […]