Make My Body Great Again

“I can’t believe you let yourself go like you have.” Not the last thing she said to me but in the Top 5. (The last thing I remember she said to me was one night during her final week—she sat up in bed and said, “I can’t do this”—in reference to her time of dying) […]

Why Do Birds … Suddenly Appear …

A few days ago, raking leaves in the back garden, a lovely American robin flew onto a tree near me. I spoke to it, “Hi, Pretty!” Not in my normal voice but a less threatening higher pitch, sweet and soft as I can sound voice. It fluttered in closer, landing on a fence post. What […]

Dad’s Famous Beef Black-Eyed Chili

I’ve never shared this remarkable chili recipe until now … well, there was one occasion long time ago. When I was living in Boulder, my next door neighbor, a University Colorado student from Saudi Arabia, let’s call him Muhammed, had a friend, Saad, who shamed me into giving the coveted recipe up. I was kind […]