Dad’s Famous Beef Black-Eyed Chili

I’ve never shared this remarkable chili recipe until now … well, there was one occasion long time ago. When I was living in Boulder, my next door neighbor, a University Colorado student from Saudi Arabia, let’s call him Muhammed, had a friend, Saad, who shamed me into giving the coveted recipe up. I was kind […]

Death and Rebirth at the Speedway

In October 1974, a small investment group, including myself, were the first to stage a concert at the Columbia Speedway. We proposed a rock concert with Van Morrison and some local acts but the owner of the Speedway, Don Sharpe, said his “people would kill him if (he) brought a rock concert to the Speedway.” […]

Using Our Children In War

An old friend of mine was a boy in Köln when Nazis ruled Germany. His mother escorted him to church one day and stood by until she was certain that it had been recorded in the parish records that he was a Catholic. She hoped the paper trail would lead any inquisitions away from his […]