Turn The Page for Terry

Recently a mutual friend messaged me news about Terry. I was excited to get that message because I had been trying to find him—searching on Facebook, often wondering what had become of him since the last time we were together—back in the 1970s when we traveled the USA for about six months as a team selling advertising. I was 22 […]

Charlie Daniels: Martyr to Music

A fickle finger of fate that Charlie Daniels is a 2016 Country Music Hall of Fame inductee. The first time I interviewed Charlie he was sipping whiskey and smoking in a trailer behind the stage at an outdoor festival from Hell. Hard rain fell and arcs of electricity popped off a guitar during the set of […]

The Dream Weaver

This guy made me miss my interview with Hall & Oates. Kept me waiting in his hotel room. Really pissed me off. The thing was he had this monster album out at the time—The Dream Weaver—and every song was great. So I waited. By the time he showed up I had a real attitude. He turned […]