Within Me Without Me

One Friday night, on the way out of George Harrison’s Friar Park estate, I was sitting in my car waiting for the back gate to open. It was 11pm but I was in no particular hurry. Wow! This is going to blow Dad’s mind! I smiled. The afternoon had bloomed into a wonderfully glorious evening—the […]

My Confirmation From Springsteen

I’m late for my interview with Bruce Springsteen. I crashed early in the morning, overslept and now I’m stuck in a meeting with my Econ professor. His closet-sized office smells like a Swisher Sweets cigar bong. He’s telling me college is not for everyone. My God, he’s so old and boring. Just like in class. […]

I Got 1st First Prize For Prize Prick

When I heard that Rod Stewart was coming to town I got the name of his management company off the back of  an album cover and contacted the London office to request an interview. I phoned quite a few times over the course of a month. On each occasion—the same thing—I was asked to give […]