Bobby’s Ashes

I was feeling grateful recently that Bobby and I were speaking. It had been at least 15 years. Bobby’s wife, Melanie, found me on Facebook—making it possible for our connection. Bobby and I were catching up, both of us pleased to be connected again, and when we were wrapping our conversation, discussing a plan to […]

My Confirmation From Springsteen

I’m late for my interview with Bruce Springsteen. I crashed early in the morning, overslept and now I’m stuck in a meeting with my Econ professor. His closet-sized office smells like a Swisher Sweets cigar bong. He’s telling me college is not for everyone. My God, he’s so old and boring. Just like in class. […]

The Fabbest Beatle Encounter Ever

I was 10 and acting busy wiping down my new 20 gauge shotgun in the living room of our home in Cayce, SC when the Beatles made their historic appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. I had pulled the gun down from the rack purely as a diversion. I didn’t want my dad to see I was […]